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Hey, we made a book trailer with some amazing young climate activists, for Earth Day!
Thanks to @simonteen @SimonKIDS @PenguinTeenCa and @TundraBooks for your support

Nadia’s Initiative is launching our 2nd Business Incubator, which will enable 50+ women in Sinjar to build businesses, gain confidence, foster community & establish economic independence. We can’t wait to see what this next cohort creates! This project is funded by @UAEAid

Girls' education faces a funding crisis — and we need more than vague promises from our leaders. At tomorrow's @G7 summit, we are asking them to fund @GPforEducation, so 46 million girls can enrol in school.

Stop the setback: Addressing the girls' education financing gap after COVID-19

Stop the setback: Addressing the girls' education financing gap after COVID-19


@ someone who needs a little Dr. @JaneGoodallInst inspiration today.

Jane recently won the @TempletonPrize. Celebrate (virtually) with her today https://templetonprize.org/janegoodall/ #CongratsJane

“Activist” “Advocate” and “Organizer” : what’s the difference? These terms mean very different things to different people, especially as we become a more digital world, but here’s a brief breakdown on some definitions + distinctions I could find. A thread —>

We are witness to paradigm shift in #climatefinance with 2030 decarbonisation goals driving transformation. Trillions pledged 💰 must follow!
#OutrageAndOptimism in the #RaceToZero
📢 https://bit.ly/3cBNXUX
@NYSComptroller @MarkJCarney @KGeorgieva @cmrodrigueze @AmaleeAmin

We’ve been documenting the many river crossings that Enbridge will be making for Line 3. It’s painful to see the natural beauty of our lands—like here at Hay Creek—interspersed with the pipes that will carry toxic tarsands oil.

We must #StopLine3.

Will you make a stand for the water, land, and our future?

Join us on June 5-8 in Northern Minnesota to #StopLine3 and tell the world that the days of tar sands pipelines are over. We need everyone to come to show @POTUS that he must act.

Register here: http://treatypeoplegathering.com

Finance and sustainability join hands, literally. @ACCIONA role modeling for other corporations.

#Women are essential to the production of our food. Without women, agriculture would not be possible. #8M #IWD2021 #IWD

Since the Paris Agreement was signed, no bank has provided more money for coal expansion than Standard Chartered. We are talking of $8.5 Billion. This is madness & needs to end.
@StanChart has started deleting tweets calling them out. Nice try. We won't stop. #RaiseYourStandards

"Vanessa continues to teach a most critical lesson. She reminds us that while we may all be in the same storm, we are not all in the same boat."

So proud of my friend Vanessa Nakate!
#Time100 #FridaysForFuture #ClimateJustice

2021 TIME100 Next: Vanessa Nakate

Find out why Vanessa Nakate is on this year’s TIME100 Next list


“The issue is that our dignity has not only been stolen by massacre & enslavement. Our dignity is undermined when we are unable to return to our homes & live freely. My wish is for my people’s dignity to be restored by rebuilding Sinjar & compensating families.” @NadiaMuradBasee

“What have we ever done?” DAPL’s trespass is not just environmental, it’s personal. Take action & tell Biden to end this pipeline: http://lakota.law/NodplVid DAPL embodies America’s long history of injustice and broken promises. Let’s stand together and say enough is enough. #NoDAPL

Today, I am in Northern Minnesota meeting with indigenous leaders organizing to #StopLine3.

We owe it to future generations, to the indigenous communities we've signed treaties with, and to every living being on this planet to stop building fossil fuel infrastructure.

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