About 2


Hey, we’re Helen & René

Founders of KLASSIC-KOOL Music, an inspirational new music company doing exciting, creative things to celebrate and support front-line activists.
Music is KOOL. Activism is KOOL.
And together, they form one powerful combination, which is why we combine the two and use our platform as a force for good, a medium for change and a voice for a movement.
How ?
By encouraging and inspiring you to act and get involved in activism through music while celebrating and supporting world-leading activists as you do.
We believe in making the world better, one tune at a time.
And that happens through KOOL Music Projects and
KOOL Actions.

What are KOOL Actions ?

KOOL Actions take place inside KOOL Music Projects, like
The Bellatrix Project, that celebrates and supports KOOL Women Activists.
If you care about making things better
standing up for what you believe in,
KOOL Actions will help you make a difference, and inspire others around you. 
KOOL Actions include:
Current Actions
  • Emailing Friends
  • Retweeting Messages
  • Embedding  Videos
  • Writing Reviews
Coming Actions
  • Buying T-shirts
  • Posting Selfies
  • Playing Music
  • Organising Events
Once you complete some  actions, you log them on an Actions Form
which is then displayed on our Actions Board to inspire others to do the same.

So, are you ready to start?

If so, The Beautiful Ones  is the 1st KOOL Action you can take to join The KOOL Crowd.

Why celebrating ‘The Beautiful Ones’ is KOOL

‘The Beautiful Ones’ is more than just a music video. It’s a celebration of the incredible women in activism and an inspiration to women the world over.
And ‘The Beautiful Ones’ is more than just a retweet, share, like or article piece. It’s an emotional connection with the front-line women who are changing the world every single day.



Celebrating and inspiring is what the KOOL Crowd does.

And we want you to inspire the world.

What is ‘Beautiful Bellatrix’ ?

Beautiful Bellatrix is the inspiration behind The Bellatrix Project, a KLASSIC-KOOL Music-Single by René Gruss
which celebrates the beauty, sensitivity and strength of the feminine spirit and is dedicated to women in activism.
As well as providing the soundtrack for The Beautiful Ones music video, there is the Beautiful Bellatrix Music-Player  which you can embed on your website or blog. And a collectable Beautiful Bellatrix Music-Card that includes a unique music code to download the MP3.
Income from the Beautiful Bellatrix Music-Single is used to fund The Bellatrix Project.
KOOL Music for a KOOL Project.

Yes, we care – and we know you do too

We know you care about standing up to social injustice,
discrimination and the future of our planet.

So, why not take a KOOL Action today and join The KOOL Crowd?

Support KOOL Women in Activism

Take Action and Celebrate ‘The Beautiful Ones’ Music-Video