The Bellatrix Project

Who are The KOOL Crowd ?

The KOOL Crowd are music makers and music lovers
passionate about making the world better through
KLASSIC-KOOL Music, an activist music movement
dedicated to social good.

Why music?  Because music is powerful.

It’s a universal language that motivates, excites and inspires people
to stand up, take positive action and make change.

The KOOL Crowd is an inclusive community of people from all backgrounds, each with their part to play and each contributing
in their own way. A community that supports front-line activism
with promotions and funding through KOOL Actions.

A KOOL Crowd for A KOOL Planet

Hey, we’re Helen and René

Founders of The Bellatrix Project and KLASSIC-KOOL Music,
an Activist  Music Company focused on creating music for social good and  supporting the incredible people on the front line of activism through music, creativity and action.

The Bellatrix Project was inspired by the KLASSIC-KOOL Music Single, ‘Beautiful Bellatrix’ (see KOOL Music-Player opposite).
which celebrates the beauty, sensitivity and strength of the feminine spirit and is dedicated to women in activism.

In addition to funding leading female activists from the proceeds of the single, we wanted to create an opportunity for others to celebrate and support these courageous and determined women directly and sustainably.

So, we created The Bellatrix Project, a platform where The KOOL Crowd can fund activism through music, exhibitions, merchandise, awards – and a whole lot more.

How to join The KOOL Crowd

The KOOL Crowd take KOOL Actions, and joining The KOOL Crowd is easy:

Step 1


It’s KOOL to Care.

Caring is about wanting a better world.
Believing in hope and knowing
a better world is possible.

Caring is the first step to change.

Step 2


It’s KOOL to Act.

Stand up for what you believe in
and do something about it.
Nothing changes if we don’t act.

Get active, it’s crucial.

Step 3


It’s KOOL to Inspire.

Logging actions motivates and inspires others to do the same, helping
bring about change faster.

Log your actions and be inspirational.

When you complete the three steps of your 1st KOOL Action you join The KOOL Crowd.

It’s as easy as that.

'The Beautiful Ones'


Support KOOL Women in Activism

Take Action and Celebrate ‘The Beautiful Ones’ Music-Video

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